Improving Jamaica through economic empowerment and self-sufficiency


Our mission is to build sustainable communities and lives by providing client-focused educational training and social support through direct services as well as coordinated partner services that allow for easy access by individuals with an emphasis on demonstrating and encouraging the self respect, dignity and worth of every human being.



Located in the heart of Jamaica Center, was founded in 1999 by the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica (FPCJ) to fulfill its vision of empowering people to take the next step into an improved and healthy life.




Twenty Thirty Dream Hub is a center for 20-somethings and 30-somethings in the Jamaica, Queens area to be empowered in their careers and pursuits. Adulting is better when you adult together, so we host “Adulting 101” workshops on topics such as financial literacy, small business development, setting goals, and other essential life skills.

The centerpiece, launching this Fall, will be a co-working space specifically for young adults entrepreneurs and innovators making entrepreneurship more accessible in Jamaica & Southeast Queens.

For young adults, by young adults, Queens-grown.