Tree Of Life Center Affordable Housing Development

First Jamaica Community and Urban Development Corporation (FJCUDC) started construction on the $74 million Tree of Life Center affordable housing development on June 9. The development will be connected to the FPCJ Magill Hall and financed under the Mix & Match program of the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and New York City Department of Housing. Preservation and Development (HPD). The apartments will be available to a wide range of incomes. Rents will be affordable to households with maximum income limits ranging from $33,400 to $73,480 for an individual and from $42,950 to $94,490 for a family of three. Of the 174 units, 53 will be permanently affordable to households with maximum income limits of $53,400 for an individual and $68,720 for a family of three, under the City’s Inclusionary Housing program.

Building Profile:
• 12 stories high
• 174 units of mixed housing rental apartments
• 1,500 sq. ft. of residential amenity space
• 13,000 sq. ft. of community facility space
• 15,000 sq. ft. of commercial space
• 64 parking spaces

The Tree of Life Center represents the first project of First Jamaica Community and Urban Development Corporation (FJCUDC). On July 30, 2008 FJCUDC purchased Block 09793 Lot 0078 located next door to the campus of the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica (FPCJ) and in partnership with The Bluestone Organization to construct a mixed-use building for downtown Jamaica that will:
• Ensure high-quality, affordable housing for New Yorkers
• Serve as a hub to educate and connect people with vital social service needs
• Provide services and programs that empower people who live in the community
• Align with the purpose and ministry of First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica

The next stage of the project will be construction of a Community Center, adjacent to the housing development, which will include a Day Care Facility and a Health Care Entity. The facility will also support the church’s monthly food pantry, a weekly soup kitchen, clothing closet, basic educational programs, financial literacy and other enriching programs that will grow the lives of Jamaica residents. In addition, the center will strengthen the business core and foster economic development in Downtown Jamaica.

FJCUDC is a 501c3 non-profit corporation responsible for developing property and managing a variety of social services and capital programs for the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica (FPCJ).