Since 1662 the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica (FPCJ) have been serving this community.  

In 1926 the church replaced the pastor’s resident with a two story building, Magill Hall.  Magill Hall houses an auditorium with seating for seven hundred (700) persons, a kitchen, a gymnasium, a recreation room, a youth center, conference rooms and a suite of offices.

With its “open door” policy FPCJ made the facilities available for community meetings and events.  These community meetings led to the creation of Jamaica hospital, the Jamaica/Queens YMCA and the Jamaica Service for Older Adults.

Community sharing of the space also created other partnerships. In partnership with the New York Presbyterian Hospital over the last eleven (11) years men are provided with Free Prostate Cancer Screening that has saved the lives of more than 40 men.  With the Cornell University Cooperative Extension (CUCE) programs housed on the campus, top quality nutrition services and training are being delivered to the community.

The partnerships - the closer collaboration - between various organizations serving the community have taught us that we can:

•    Eliminate/reduce lack of coordination/duplication of effort/inefficient competition.

•    Enhance quantifiability.

•    Support achievement of objectives by marshaling all/more required resources

•    Improve the community services by the co-location of medical and social services.